If you are abroad and would like to study in YCU you have to follow a procedure similar to this (different countries may have different rules):

First step

1. Contact your nearest Japanese embassy and explain your intentions. They will give you application forms and instruction on how to get the scholarship. You probably will have to contact your local embassy to proceed.

The keywords you have to mentions are:
- "Monbusho kagakusho", this is the name of the national scholarship issued every year by the Japanese Ministry of education.
- "MEXT", this is an acronym of the "Monbusho Kagakusho" mentioned above.

2. Establish a contact with a professor in YCU that you are interested to work with. You can collect informations and e-mail addresses in this site.
- Tell your contact that you are interested to study in his laboratory, and obtain an informal agreement from him/her.
- Obtain three recommendation letter from professors or supervisors in your country. If you are working you must have a letter from your boss.

3. Submit these initial documents and forms at the International Relation office of your embassy.

Second step

After several weeks you will receive an e-mail with the results of the screening. If you are selected you have to:

1. Take two exams of language proficiency, English and Japanese. Usually this is done at your embassy.
2. Have an interview at the Japanese embassy in your country. This interview will concern your language ability and some technical/scientific questions.
3. Receive a formal letter of acceptance from YCU.
4. Send this and other final documentation to the ministry of education in Japan.
5. Wait for the final official approval letter from Japan.

All this procedure will take about a year, so you have to consider timing and organize yourself accordingly.
The knowledge of Japanese can be minimal or null. In case of too many application the Japanese ministry of education can favor candidates that already speak some Japanese. However we receive every year candidates that start with zero knowledge of the language.

Candidates that are awarded the fellowship will leave for Japan, generally in April. Students will receive a monthly allowance of about 150.000 yen. Air travel expenses will be covered by the fellowship. At first the student will be automatically enrolled in a 6 month Japanese-language training. After these 6 months, the actual university courses will begin. In the first 6 months the awardee will be assigned a tutor, usually a senior YCU student that will help him with Japanese language and in everyday life. The tutor will also be in charge to help the foreigner student concerning things like opening a bank account, obtaining alien registration and visa, making documents for the university, finding accomodation etc. etc.